Branded Content & Live Stream

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Wheels Off is a full service production company based in Miami, FL that specializes in branded content, unscripted television and documentary film. We shepherd projects from conception to distribution. We bring a cinematic sensibility and a mind for storytelling to every project. While laser focused on artfully conveying a message, we deliver premium content on time and on budget.



We create content that brings stories to life. Whether it’s a food brand or a football film we hone in on the emotional core of the story and drive it towards a moving climax. We engage viewers in an honest and compelling way, ultimately, forging genuine connections between our clients and their audience.



Wheels Off is a boutique, “360 agency”, that will work with you to define and sell your product. We devise the look and feel of your brand, provide website and online presence design, drive social media engagement, purchase ad space, and compile and analyze web traffic data to formulate forward thinking advertising strategies.



Our legal background gives us the ability to quickly and affordably transact with third parties on behalf of our clients, including engaging talent, entering co-production arrangements, and negotiating vendor contracts. Anyone versed in business can appreciate the efficiencies of having a lawyer as your producer.