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The beefing up original programming reflects an evolution at CMT — a network that, like the youthful cast of ‘Gainesville,’ is preparing for its next stage of life in a world where its ambitions are shared by pretty much all its peers.


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Whereas reality TV is known for playing up trivial storylines for quick laughs...“Gainesville” aims simply to give an insight into the lives of seven 20-somethings who are navigating the trials of young adulthood, like paying for college tuition, moving out of their parents’ homes and balancing friendships with romantic pursuits.
— Erin Jester, Staff Writer





Local Florida filmmakers wanted to bring the city of Gainesville to television, and they are doing just that with the debut of their new reality show. Gainesville will follow a group of young people who also happen to be good friends. It promises to show the good the bad and the ugly, as the members of the group find out what it’s like being an adult.



US Weekly: 3 out of 4 Stars!

A reality drama with some Friday Night Lights heart! In blue-collar Gainesville, Florida, seven multidimensional (and also sexy) twentysomethings support one another...With gorgeously captured back roads, Gainesville can be beer-commercial slick. But the gang’s issues (Brian needs to get a job to get a girl) ring true.